Healthy Splurges on Yourself (How to Spend that Holiday Gift Card)

The holiday frenzy is winding down.  Gifts have been unwrapped and you sit down for a moment to relax.  Then, you remember…you got a gift card from your favorite aunt!  Now, what to spend it on…

How about a healthy gift to yourself?  Think about your goals for the year, and how you might be able to find an item that will help you reach those goals.  Here’s a few ideas.

Want to work on healthy eating? 

  • New Recipe Book – There are a host of health conscientious options available. From family-friendly to keto to vegan to gluten free, and more; whatever your specific goals are, you can find a recipe book to give you fresh new options to try.
  • Air Fryer – There are a variety of bells and whistles available, but even the basic models offer a cooking method that will be lower in fat than traditional frying.
  • Milk Frother/Blender for DIY lattes and smoothies – If you are into making your own shakes and snacks, these can make it a faster and easier process. By making your own, you can control the ingredients and gradually increase the healthier ingredients and decrease the unnecessary ingredients to suit your taste.
  • Kitchen gadgets – To prepare more on your own and cut down on unhealthy processed foods, it’s all about the tools. From veggie spiral-makers to quirky food molds, there are lots of gadgets that can make your time in the kitchen more stress-free and possibly even make it fun.
  • Reusable Storage Bags or Meal Prep containers – Reusable containers make it easy to take snacks and even full meals wherever you go.  Plus, think of the money you can save by not stopping at the nearest drive through!

Want to work on getting in more active movement? 

  • Water Bottle – While hydration is especially important when you are active, it is vital to good health all the time. Need to get in more water throughout the day? Choose an insulated cup to keep the temperature you like.  Need to hydrate on the go?  Choose a cup that can strap to your bike or one made for runners.  Look for your favorite color or character or perhaps a motivating quote, that will help you stay on track.
  • Workout gear – Now, more than ever, companies and trainers are offering exercise classes and training in a video format. You can get a great workout in the comfort and security of your own home with minimal gear.  Or, take your workout to the next level by adding some variety with resistance bands, kettle bells, hand weights or a new speed rope.  Get new ear buds to take your tunes on the go with you.  Like to take your workout on the run? Look into the running pouches to keep your keys and valuables safe while you workout.
  • Recovery Aides – Sometimes, after a workout or run, you have sore muscles. Foam rollers, compression clothing, reusable ice packs and massagers can all come in handy for those occasions when muscles need a little TLC.
  • Sports equipment – There are many active games that require minimal equipment.  Basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, volleyball and even the new trendy game of pickleball.  Many parks and civic areas include courts and fields for sports, reducing the cost for you to play.  Some even provide all of the equipment for you to try it out.  Then when you find a sport you like, you can purchase gear that fits you best.

Want to work on improving your stress management?

  • Yoga Mat – Yoga, Tai Chi and similar activities are known to be excellent for stress management as well as strengthening muscles and keeping joints mobile. With many videos available for purchase as well as free sessions available online, this can be a socially distant option you can do in your living room.
  • Diffuser – Many people find that certain scents affect their mood. Diffuse your preferred scent to help you energize or relax.  You can purchase oils in blends or individually.  If you choose individual scents, you can create your own “recipes” for blends that suite your senses.
  • Sleep aides – Insomnia is something that affects many people, and a lack of proper rest will have detrimental effects on the body.  For persistent insomnia, you should have your doctor check for potential physical issues that may be interfering with your sleep, such as sleep apnea.  However, for that occasional restless night, or when the neighbor is causing lots of noise, you may find that a sleep mask or white noise machine will help.
  • Books – While having an active lifestyle is important, don’t forget to have your downtime.  Whether it’s a journal, adult coloring book or a self-help book, there are many ways to spend a few minutes each day taking time to reflect.  This can help us manage stress and stay focused on our goals.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully this will be a springboard for you to explore ways to help yourself on your healthy living journey.  If you just don’t know where to start, discuss your health goals with your chiropractor at your next visit.  In addition to the musculoskeletal system and adjustments, they have training in nutrition and wellness, and can help you set realistic goals as well as point you in the direction to get started on the path to success.



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