The TCA Board of Directors is charged with the management of the affairs of the Association.  The Board of Directors is comprised of sixteen elected officers.  The President and Executive Board organize and conduct all Board meetings.  District Directors represent doctors at a local level and attend all Board of Directors meetings.

In conjunction with the Board, an Executive Director and professional staff coordinate and facilitate Association day to day operations.  The staff provide guidance and support for state programs, and coordinate the activities of the Association consultants and advisors.

Dr. Brock Martin President
Dr. Alison Davidson Vice President
Dr. Christy Diaz Secretary
Dr. R.J. Crawford Immed. Past President
Dr. Brion Jones District I Director
Dr. Darrell Johnson District II Director
Dr. Dan Watkins District II Director
Dr. Greg Schrader District III Director
Dr. William Barrett District IV Director
Dr. Jenson Gillette District V Director
Dr. Peter Hinz District V Director
Dr. James Beech District VI Director
Dr. Heather Martin District VII Director
Dr. Kevin Scott District VIII Director
Dr. Richard Cole District IX Director
Tiffany Stevens Executive Director
Amy Owsley Membership & Communications Director
Laura Gasaway Education & Events Coordinator
Katelin Johnson Operations Coordinator
Rachel King Administrative Coordinator