TCA History

The Tennessee Chiropractic Association (TCA) is the only statewide, non-profit membership service organization representing the chiropractic profession in Tennessee.  While archives reveal that Chiropractic Physicians in Tennessee began practicing as early as 1910, it was not until 1923 that the state of Tennessee, at the behest of the Tennessee General Assembly, began licensing Chiropractic Physicians.  Some twelve years later, with increasing numbers of Doctors in practice, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association was founded (March 14, 1935).  Its stated goals were to “maintain standards in education and professional competency necessary to meet the requirements of the profession and the expectations of Tennesseans”.  While these essential elements remain today, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association is so much more.  The TCA is dedicated to assisting the Chiropractic Physician in achieving, maintaining and delivering the highest standard of healthcare to the people of Tennessee.  The TCA provides leadership, advocacy and resources that promote professional excellence and quality patient care.  Since the beginning of the 21st century, building on a storied past, the TCA has experienced dynamic growth.  Today from its Headquarters in Nashville, it impacts the delivery of quality health care from Bristol (in the upper East) to Memphis (in the far West) for the benefit of the Chiropractic Physician and every chiropractic patient in Tennessee.  Education, ethics, collaboration, public awareness and government relations . . . that is today’s Tennessee Chiropractic Association.  The TCA, its foundation built on a solid past, has its future focused on the professional development of every member doctor coupled with a commitment to making every Tennessean aware of the tremendous benefits of chiropractic care.


Officers & Directors