Tennessee’s 113th General Assembly is Back in Session

The TCA welcomes the members of the TN 113th General Assembly to Nashville, as they reconvened on January 9, 2024.  We appreciate their service to Tennessee and look forward to working with them throughout the legislative session.

Each legislative session, thousands of bills are brought by interest groups that have the potential to positive and negatively impact the chiropractic profession and your bottom line. The TCA quickly works through each and every one of these bills to see how they might impact our members, while at the same time, working our pro-active legislative agenda.

We anticipate there will again be scope bills as well as a large amount of bills impacting healthcare and insurance, plus caption bills and other bills that could impact the business of healthcare.

In addition to our TCA pro-active efforts in 2024, we are prepared to play defense on all proposed legislation that has the potential to negatively affect you and your patients.  Nationally, we continue to monitor legislative developments impacting chiropractic as well.

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TCA Legislative Updates, Reports, Issue Briefs, Talking Points and more on the Members Only “Advocacy” page.   Watch for timely chiropractic-focused legislative updates via your TCA Member e-newsletter, Doctor Privilege.


Do you know your Senator and Representative?

Contact them and let them know you can be their resource on matters impacting chiropractic care and your community.
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2024 Chiropractic Day on the Hill

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – Hotel Indigo & Cordell Hull Bldg.


National Legislative Efforts: Act to Impact Medicare Modernization Act

Chiropractic Physicians & Patients Take Action to Contact Congress 

Bipartisan legislation to allow patients to have life-changing access to Medicare coverage of chiropractic services is gaining support in the U.S. Congress.

The Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act, H.R. 1610 / S. 799, would enable Medicare patients to access the wide array of services chiropractors provide under their state’s chiropractic scope of practice. Chiropractic physicians and their patients can join in the nationwide effort and move these bills forward by contacting their U.S. Representatives and Senators for their co-sponsorship and support.

Join the effort to secure co-sponsors for this bipartisan legislation that would allow Tennessee’s Medicare beneficiaries to receive coverage for the full range of chiropractic care.

Take action today!  Click Here for doctor and patient resources & easy email templates.

Back the TCA PAC Fund

The TCA PAC supports candidates running for State House or Senate, and helps to strengthen current relationships that are invaluable to the future of the profession in Tennessee.

2024 is an election year.  We MUST show support to legislators who champion chiropractic efforts.  But, we need PAC funds to make this possible.

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Member support enables a long list of TCA accomplishments such as the valuable work mentioned above. Think of how much more we could do if we had the support of all licensed DCs in TN…

The TCA has a responsibility to our members as the only voice for doctors of chiropractic in Tennessee and we use that platform to relentlessly advocate for good public policy.  We need a strong effort moving forward to address the ongoing insurance inequities and defense to our scope, among other TCA objectives.

For roughly the cost of one dinner out a month, TN doctors who are not currently members can join and show their support plus, reap a wealth of benefits.

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TCA Chiropractic Advocacy Resources

Why is the TCA Unique When it Comes to Lobbying?

Our legislators as decision-makers do not always have experience or access to information on how their constituents and patients of chiropractic might be affected.  It is our job as chiropractic advocates to educate our elected officials and be certain that they have the information they need to make the best decisions possible.

There is no shortage of paid lobbyists and special interests groups who aggressively try to influence Tennessee legislators; however, the TCA is the only statewide association advocating for chiropractic in the midst of numerous lobbyists for other provider groups, business interests, insurers and others.  While our strong team of TCA lobbyists speaks out for chiropractic on “the Hill”, state legislators are most responsive to their constituents – people who vote in their districts. They also feel the need to know that a specific issue is a priority in their community, and it takes the people who live and work in the community to sway them.

Why is Lobbying Necessary?

The Tennessee Chiropractic Association encourages informed and active participation in government, with the aim to ensure that chiropractic physicians’ voices are an important part of political dialogue on issues impacting the profession.

As sessions become more and more fast-paced, we cannot be guaranteed that legislators have had the opportunity to fully review every bill that comes before them for their vote.  It is our job as chiropractic advocates to educate our elected officials and be certain that they have the information they need to make the best decisions possible.

Legislators Need to Hear from You

Tennessee’s state senators and representatives come from diverse backgrounds; many are not healthcare experts and may have no chiropractic experience, yet they must vote on these issues when a bill comes before them.  As a healthcare expert, you are uniquely qualified to help your elected representatives understand the practical implications of healthcare policy proposals. It is vital that legislators hear from you.

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What Can I Do?

It is the TCA’s goal to promote and secure passage of our legislative objectives by the state’s legislators.  To focus the tremendous grassroots power of the chiropractic profession, your TCA has developed a Legislative Ambassador network.  The aim of the program is to ensure that each and every member of the General Assembly has continual contact with, and input from, his/her local Doctors of Chiropractic.  If you have a personal or good working relationship with one of Tennessee’s House or Senate Members or would like to initiate one, we want to know as this can be critical in the communication process to urgent legislative issues.  The goal is never threaten or antagonize, but to build a relationship and influence discussion on the basis of your knowledge and understanding of the issue.

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