Chiropractic Strengthens Relationships at Capitol

Day on the Hill advocates build key connections for the future of Chiropractic

The TN volunteer spirit was felt in force on Chiropractic Day on the Hill held February 13, 2024 as a large contingent of DCs, CAs and advocates from across the state took to the Capitol, meeting with their legislators and building upon vital relationships that directly impact chiropractic!

One-on-one appointments filled the day’s schedule as chiropractic participants made personal connections with their lawmakers. The camaraderie was fierce as first-time attendees joined alongside returning advocates and TCA leadership to educate legislators on the importance of chiropractic to the health of Tennessee and key issues, including the need to address discriminatory pay models. The knowledge gained from these conversations is also critical in our current efforts!

TCA Executive Director Tiffany Stevens kicked off the day with updates on TCA bills at a morning briefing before introducing TCA Past President and State House Representative Brock Martin, DC. Other notable speakers of the day included Sen. Kerry Roberts and TCA Professional Lobbyist Alexanderia Gambrell.

“I want to thank everyone who took time away from their practices and patients in order to connect with TN lawmakers and show the real and local impact of the issues facing chiropractic,” stated Mrs. Stevens. “With your ongoing involvement and the continued support from advocates across the state, we are confident that together we can build upon these relationships to make an even greater impact for the future of chiropractic in Tennessee.”

Special thanks goes to Rep. Martin who devoted his morning to our group, sharing his experiences as both a chiropractor and legislator.

Professional Issue Briefs highlighting key bills, including the Fair Pay Methodology Bill, were provided for participants to use in their legislative appointments. These are also available under “Advocacy” on the TCA Members Only website.


Photos taken throughout the day have been posted online!

View all the TCA Day on the Hill Photos HERE

Why do we need a Day on the Hill?  

The TCA encourages informed and active participation in government, with the aim to ensure that chiropractic physician voices are part of political dialogue on issues impacting the profession. Far too often in the development of public policy, the needs and concerns of those that are affected are overshadowed by statistical data, political speechifying and high-profile jockeying among powerful special interests.

Doctors of chiropractic must get involved in the discussions that directly affect them!  Without your voice, others will be speaking for you.  

With thousands of bills presented in each General Assembly, many of which impact you and your practice… This is your CHANCE to make sure your voice is heard!

In the words of participant Dr. Todd Davidson of Smyrna, TN:

“If you have not attended Chiropractic Day on the Hill because you just don’t know what to expect, don’t worry. You will be well taken care of through the entire process. I learn more about the legislative process every time!”