Special Thanks to All Who Participated in our Virtual Event

On March 2nd, the TCA took our grassroots advocacy into the digital forum for a special Chiropractic Day on the Hill virtual event!

Led by TCA President Dr. Brock Martin, the informative, one-hour Legislative Briefing included commentary from TCA Government Relations Committee Chair Dr. Andrew Dixon, TCA Professional Lobbyists Alexanderia Honeycutt Gambrell and Adam Nickas, as well as TCA ED Tiffany Stevens.

Topics included a general review of the 112th session dynamics, behind-the-scenes tidbits on TCA lobbying efforts and an overview of the TCA’s current pro-active and defensive agenda items.

Also noted was the urging that, in spite of current measures making our typical on-site engagement impossible, we cannot let the absence of an in-person Day on the Hill weaken our influence this year. The TCA has a solid reputation among legislators and lobbying groups alike for being one of the most, if not the most, engaged profession through grassroots advocacy! Help us continue that tradition in 2021!

TCA Members may view the video online now!
Take 1 hour to learn what YOU can do to help!

When you click the link below, you can sign into to register for FREE access to:

  • view the Legislative Briefing video
  • downloadable Chiropractic Day on the Hill Event Materials, which include…
  • Day on the Hill Advocacy Tips, Templates & Tools
  • Key Legislative Leadership/Committee Lists and TCA Bill Sponsor Information
  • TCA Legislative Priorities with quick links to bill status and
  • DC General Talking Points
  • plus, Issue Briefs and bill summaries to use in contacting your legislators

Click Here to View Your Day on the Hill Video

In years’ past, we have boasted well over one hundred DCs and chiropractic advocates filling the halls of the legislature and meeting with local legislators to connect on chiropractic issues. This year, we still need this level of engagement and more!

TCA bills are moving through committees already this week! Reach out to your legislators to inform them of our bills and to ask them to take action accordingly when those bills come before them. Call, email, set up personal meetings in your district, however you choose to connect – but please make your contacts now!

When you receive feedback from legislators,
be sure to let the TCA know.  Thank you for taking time to engage in advocacy for your profession!

Not sure who your legislators are or how to contact them? Click here.  Be sure to enter your HOME address into the legislator look-up fields.

Why do we need a Day on the Hill?  

The TCA encourages informed and active participation in government, with the aim to ensure that chiropractic physician voices are part of political dialogue on issues impacting the profession. Far too often in the development of public policy, the needs and concerns of those that are affected are overshadowed by statistical data, political speechifying and high-profile jockeying among powerful special interests.

Doctors of chiropractic must get involved in the discussions that directly affect them!  Without your voice, others will be speaking for you.  

Chiropractic Day on “the Hill” is the one day out of the year that the TCA asks ALL Tennessee chiropractic physicians, staff members, family members and advocates for the profession to come to the state capitol in Nashville to meet with their legislators and talk about matters affecting chiropractic.

With thousands of bills presented in each General Assembly, many of which impact you and your practice… This is your CHANCE to make sure your voice is heard!

In the words of participant Dr. Todd Davidson of Smyrna, TN:

“If you have not attended Chiropractic Day on the Hill because you just don’t know what to expect, don’t worry. You will be well taken care of through the entire process. I learn more about the legislative process every time!”