tcaeagle-black-and-whiteThe TCA Eagle Society is an additional giving campaign which provides ongoing support for the many new and expanded programs the TCA offers.  In the past, the Eagle Society was a financial vehicle for members to enable the TCA to make ends meet.  Today, because of the generosity of Eagle Society members, the TCA ranks among the leading chiropractic associations in the nation.

 We ask you to  join this core group of donors who are providing a
strong foundation for the future of the TCA and chiropractic in Tennessee.

Above & Beyond
As an Eagle Society member, through your $1000 annual contribution, you not only sponsor new member benefits, but you allow the TCA to pursue additional initiatives to promote and protect chiropractic.

Promoting Success
Your funds create opportunities benefiting chiropractic including TCA annual media relations initiatives which promote chiropractic and TCA members in their communities through our Find-A-Doctor search feature on  The Eagle Society was also instrumental in our ability to pursue TCA’s trademarked Realign Your Thinking public awareness campaign allowing us to provide members with educational tools and share the benefits of chiropractic with more Tennesseans than ever before!

Future Focused
Your contribution also backs critical needs requiring supportive or additional funding such as legal and advocacy initiatives and timely educational courses like our Medicare seminars.


Sincere thanks to all of our current Eagle Society members
for their generous contributions!

Dr. David Allen
Dr. Mary Babian
Dr. Keith D. Bailey
Dr. Beth Barnett
Dr. W. Casey Bearden
Dr. Shannon Bone
Dr. J. Clifford Brown
Dr. Barry Cole
Dr. Richard Cole
Dr. R.J. Crawford
Dr. Andrew Dixon
Dr. Marilyn Everett

Dr. Robert Gruenenfelder
Dr. Brent Johns
Dr. Darrell Johnson
Dr. Gil Kentof
Dr. James Lehman
Dr. Krista Martin
Dr. Scott Parson
Dr. John Wall
Dr. Donald Wegener
Dr. Trea Wessel
Dr. Brian Wiersma
Dr. Debe Williams