• Can healthy eating and holidays go together?

    YES!  This article has great tips to keep you on track.  Don’t forget, your chiropractor is also great source of information on nutrition and healthy eating habits.

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  • CCSP Certification Program Coming in 2018!

    Interested in becoming a Certified Sports Specialist?  The TCA and DConline are partnering to bring this certification program to Tennessee in 2018.

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  • Dealing with pain. You have options.

    A recent Gallup poll shows 73% of Americans prefer drug-free pain management options such as chiropractic care.  Plus, research shows spinal manipulation is an effective treatment in many cases.  Want to avoid opioids or surgery – choose chiropractic first.

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  • Education Made Easy!

    The TCA is proud to provide convenient online chiropractic education through the TCA eLearning Program!

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