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Tim Bertelsman, DC, CCSP, FACO
Best Practices for Managing Low Back Pain
This practical and entertaining 2-hour presentation will review the most clinically relevant biomechanics, assessment and treatment for the conditions responsible for LBP. This presentation will show attendees how to direct treatment based upon a specific diagnosis and classification to improve your outcomes dramatically.  Attendees will leave this class with practical, evidence-based skills for managing the most common complaint seen in chiropractic offices.
Speaker Sponsored by: ChiroUp

Brandon Steele, DC, FACO
Mastering the Rotator Cuff:  A Hands-On Workshop for Evaluation and Management
This 2-hour course will provide a review of normal shoulder anatomy and biomechanics, as well as an understanding of the shoulder pathology continuum; including scapular dyskinesis, shoulder anterior impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tears.  You will also participate in a hands-on evaluation of shoulder complaints including: range of motion assessment, physical & orthopedic evaluation, and functional assessment.  Treatment of shoulder pathology including modalities, myofascial release, IASTM, manipulation/ mobilization, patient education, stretching & rehab exercises.
Speaker Sponsored by: ChiroUp

John Campione, DC, CSCS
RockTape:  FMT Basic Course* – (DC, CTAs licensed 5 yrs. or more, and LMT)
Limited to 50 attendees.  Attendees completing this 8 hr. course will receive an FMT Basic Certification.  CTA or LMTs registering for this course must attend the full 8 hrs.
This course introduces the concept of movement therapy and enhancement via functional taping methods. It includes a review of the current literature supporting the theory of kinesiology taping for the purposes of rehabilitation, edema/swelling management, neuropathic pain, scar mobility and postural management. FMT Basic is an evidence-informed kinesiology taping course that redefines our understanding of the effects of elastic therapeutic taping on pain mitigation, circulation and proprioception. FMT Basic lays the groundwork for a practical framework of ‘taping movement, not muscles’ to replace an outdated model focused on directional taping to activate or inhibit muscles.

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be able to:
– Understand the physiological effects of kinesiology taping
– Master functional taping and understand its role and use for the applications of rehabilitation, edema management,   neuropathic pain, scar mobility and posture improvement
– Introduce the concept of a longitudinal muscle chain approach to the elastic therapeutic taping and a myofascial sequencing   model of “Taping movements, not muscles.”

Dan Sullivan, DC
The Scientific Influence of a Chiropractic Adjustment & How to Effectively Communicate It
How can we best utilize the scientific benefits of a chiropractic adjustment?  Dr. Dan Sullivan will examine the neurological input and output of the spine and the physiological consequences of vertebral subluxation citing contemporary science and research.  He will also explain the physiological benefits and consequences of the stress response.

Irum Tahir, DC
Generating New Patients and Retaining Existing Patients – (non-CE)
In this two-hour course, Dr. Tahir will empower you to get the business of your dreams while connecting you and your team to a core vision that will guide your practice.  You will explore individual and team pain points and break through limitations to transform your practice to new heights.

James Lehman, DC, FACO
Whiplash Associated Disorders:  The Pathway from Acute to Chronic Pain

This two-hour presentation will discuss the history of the whiplash injury, previous and current scientific studies, which will demonstrate the homogeneity and complexity of the whiplash associated disorder. This didactic presentation will engage the attendees and enable them to easily implement the recommendations that will improve quality of care for their patients suffering with whiplash injuries. The doctors will be provided a list of reference articles that support the presentation with peer-reviewed evidence.

Dan Sullivan, DC
Philosophy Meets Science:  Why There Has Never Been a Greater Need for Chiropractic in Today’s Culture – (non-CE)
Healthcare statistics, a culture in need and the self-healing revolution will be the focus of this empowering 2-hour seminar.  Dr. Sullivan will expand on the chiropractic philosophy that drives all science and the evidence that demands attention.

Doctors New Licensee Training: Boundaries, Ethics, & Jurisprudence
6 hours of state-required course completion for newly-licensed chiropractors

CTA/CXT New Licensee Training: Boundaries, Ethics, & Jurisprudence
2 hours of state-required course completion for newly-licensed CTAs/CXTs


John Minardi, BHK, DC
Understanding the Power of Chiropractic
The chiropractic adjustment does not simply correct a patient’s pain; in contrast, it has a profound global neurological effect in the human body. This class increases everyone’s certainty in the adjustment, illuminating how powerful the chiropractor is by correcting vertebral subluxations. Dr. Minardi will explain the subluxation’s effect on the stress response and how this can alter key areas of the brain which can lead to disease and illness.

The Most Expensive Mistakes Chiropractors Make When Coding – (non-CE)
CPT codes are what chiropractors submit to payors, hoping for reimbursement, yet most of us never received any training on them.  In fact, most never wanted to.  Well, your opportunity has arisen.  In this presentation, Dr. Gwilliam, will simplify E/M and ICD-10 coding and documentation to where you can understand just what you need to do to get paid.  You will review examples and confidently select the codes.  The mystery of E/M and ICD-10 will be removed once and for all.
Speaker Sponsored by: NCMIC

Tim Maggs, DC
Every Body is a Crooked Man – (DC and CTA)
Every human being has biomechanical faults that lead to premature degeneration as well as injuries throughout life.  If the public can understand that back pain is not some mysterious ailment, that it is due to abnormal loading that can be detected upon exam, the public will be more successful in addressing the causes of their problem and live with greater success.
Speaker Sponsored by: Foot Levelers

Alan Sokoloff, DC
Successful Integration of Chiropractic in Sports Medicine – (DC and CTA)
Doctors of chiropractic are an essential part of any team in the everyday care of athletes.  At the Olympic, professional and college levels, great relationships are formed with the common goal of athletic rehabilitation, injury prevention and wellness.  But why do many relationships fail?  I can help provide those answers. More importantly, how to make the relationship a success.
Speaker Sponsored by: China Gel

John Minardi, BHK, DC
Thompson Technique (Doctors are asked to bring a portable adjustment table for this class)
Limited to 50 attendees.
Dr. Minardi will invigorate your certainty in the chiropractic adjustment, by teaching an introduction to the newly-evolved Thompson Technique.  Originally unveiled by its creator, Dr. J. Clay Thompson in the 1950s, this class will encompass all elements of the original technique, and expand the teaching where Clay could not, due to the science limitations of his era. This class will provide an in-depth explanation of each step using the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and neurology to increase your clinical certainty. The biomechanical and neurological rationale underlying the leg length analysis will be covered, and will indicate how a subluxation, regardless of spinal location, directly affects leg lengths, postural tone and balance. Full spine subluxation analysis and adjustments will be taught in a clear and concise manner, utilizing outstanding visual aids, to optimize your learning experience.

Jerome Rerucha, DC, CSCS, CHPS
Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.) Level 1 in Your Chiropractic Practice – (DC and CTAs licensed 5 yrs. or more)
Limited to 40 attendees.
The wisdom of chiropractic is integrated with the use of functional exams and clinical exercise.  This class is for the practitioner who desires to maintain the traditional application of chiropractic and to enhance the benefits achieved by incorporating a performance-based 3-Dimensional Body Map exam.  Specific corrections using adjustments, soft tissue and low-level laser therapy will be incorporated with clinical exercise and rehabilitation techniques for common conditions.  These include:  acute and chronic neck and shoulder injuries, low back/sacroiliac sprains/strains, and foot and knee conditions. This will enable the practitioner to improve the initial patient evaluation, and to recommend specific treatment protocols used in daily practice.
Speaker Sponsored by: Erchonia Corporation

Tim Maggs, DC
The Structural Fingerprint Exam – (DC and CTA)
This is the only biomechanical exam being used nationally and will dramatically help the chiropractic profession separate themselves from all other musculoskeletal providers.  This exam provides visual evidence of the cause of the problem and validates the benefits of chiropractic care.
Speaker Sponsored by: Foot Levelers

Cole Hosenfeld, DC, DACBN
Cervical Spine Adjusting and Vertebral Artery Issues – (DC and CTA)

Document for Clinical Necessity, Made Easy – (DC and CTA)
Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC EHR Software, certified coder and auditor, will teach you how to look at your records the way that a peer reviewer or auditor looks at them.  He will demystify the confusion around what information really matters and show you how to easily satisfy documentation requirements so that you can get back to taking care of patients.  With a thorough understanding of the different between evaluation visits and treatment visits, as well as how they fit within an episode of care, you will be able to rest well at night and minimize your documentation-related anxiety.
Speaker Sponsored by: NCMIC


Vinton Albers, DC, DACBR
Spinal MRI:  Case Studies – What you Need to Know About Spinal MRI – (DC and CXT)
State-of-the-art program which will enhance the knowledge and skills of the chiropractor in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal disorders. Select case studies will be used to illustrate the role of diagnostic imaging to confirm and document NMS conditions. The goal of this educational activity is to increase knowledge, develop new insights, introduce new skills and enhance existing skill sets.

Chiropractic Management of Cervical Radiculopathy
Diagnosing and treating cervical radiculopathy can be a challenging but often very rewarding effort.  This two-hour review of the cervical spine will focus on presentations of cervical radiculopathy with emphasis on central and foraminal stenosis, along with diagnostic methods that should be employed and therapeutic approaches that provide the greatest amount of benefit.  Confounding diagnoses and patient management techniques will be reviewed.  The attendee will most likely use information from this lecture on Monday morning.

John Troup, PhD
Functional Neurology and Natural Approaches to Pain and Inflammation
This 3-hour seminar will provide a summary of CNS pathways from neuromuscular to cognitive function.  We will also discuss the presentation of causes of inflammation and pain, as well as the role that nutrition therapy can play as an adjunctive to care management supporting chiropractic care.  Examples of natural therapeutic care for improved outcomes will be illustrated through case histories, giving you practical knowledge to implement in your clinic.
Speaker Sponsored by: Standard Process

Paul Jaskoviak, DC, DCRC, DACAN, CCSP, FICC
The Clinical Relevance and Utilization of Acupuncture in Today’s Evidence-Based World + Risk Management/Acupuncture – (Acupuncture)
New evidence-based research will provide the participants with clinically valuable information that will allow for more effective patient results.  Topics will include the management of musculoskeletal complaints, the healing/rehabilitative phase and clinical management of chronic patient complaints.  Dr. Jaskoviak will also discuss the importance of ethics, risk management and documentation and how they go hand in hand.

Kristen Walkerwicz, DC
The Fundamentals of X-Ray in a Chiropractic Office – (CXT)
In this 3-hour course, we will discuss a variety of areas frequently encountered in the CXT position; such as tips for positioning, reading an x-ray and pediatric and adult anatomy including the timeline for change.  We will also cover common conditions seen in a chiropractic office, along with a few things we hope we never see.


Franklin Marriott Cool Springs * 700 Cool Springs Blvd. * Franklin, TN  37067
1(800) 228-9290 or (615) 261-6100
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Conference Rate Deadline: Thurs., Aug. 2, 2018
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