Chiropractic Care Benefits Babies Too!

Researchers reviewed records for 25 infants who were treated at a chiropractic clinic for postural torticollis.  The infants ranged from 3 ½ weeks to 10 months of age.  Five had been receiving medical care for the torticollis with no improvement in posture.  Parents reported the patients had symptoms of restlessness, excessive crying, colic, constipation and difficulty burping.   Chiropractic care for the infants included contact-specific high velocity, low amplitude thrusts to sites of vertebral subluxations in the cervical spine.  Improvement of posture was observed after an average of less than 2 visits.  Twenty-four of the 25 patients experienced complete resolution of symptoms with less than 5 visits over an average 7 week time frame.  These results show that infants with postural torticollis may benefit from chiropractic care. 

Doctors of chiropractic are trained in special techniques for infants and children.  Some parents report their baby sleeping through getting a chiropractic adjustment.  You are never too young to be evaluated by a chiropractor!  

Chiropractic: Good for Mom and baby!

Source: This study, funded by International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Media, PA, USA, was presented at Canadian Consortium for Chiropractic Research. Montreal, Canada, July 9-12, 2004.