Chiropractor Treats MMA Stars

Brooklyn native Dr. Peter Goldman began training at World Headquarters of World Oyama Karate with Kyokushin legend Shigeru Oyama at the age of 16.  Kyokushin is a style of stand-up, full contact karate in which he would eventually earn his Black Belt.  Growing up in a tough neighborhood, he began taking karate out of a desire to learn self-defense.  

“Somehow I got really good at it and I was knocking people out in class on a regular basis,” he remarked.  “So, unexpectedly, I found myself competing in international full contact karate tournaments against world-class fighters from all over the world.” 

As one of two fighters chosen to represent the US in the European Full Contact Karate Championships, he won his first fight by K.O.  Despite training sometimes more than 2 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, nonetheless, he graduated with a BA in economics.  In 1993, he participated in his last full contact karate fight and enrolled in chiropractic school. 

He had been adjusted since childhood and had come to believe “that proper chiropractic could help with just about anything.”  Dr. Goldman began recreational training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in 2002.  Then in January of 2012, he decided to train more seriously and began training 4-5 days a week.  He earned his black belt before the end of the year.  

Dr. Goldman utilizes a specific technique known as “The Zone Technique” founded by Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931.  This technique centers on the notion that the body is divided into 6 zones: glandular, eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular and circulatory.  Dr. Goldman begins treatment with an exam which includes analysis of the cranium to help determine which of the zones have been disrupted.  He then makes spinal adjustments to help open up the nerve pathways enabling the body to better heal itself.  His patients praise this technique and say it has helped them with injuries as well as other health issues. 

With his martial arts history, he understands the types of injuries that can be sustained in martial arts.   As such, he has been sought out by multiple MMA fighters.  “If I have a regular head cold, I call him up and say ‘Hey, man, I need to get adjusted.’ It’s not just for my injuries, it’s for me having good energy and feeling right, feeling balanced,” said Strikeforce lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez.

In addition to MMA athletes, chiropractors are being utilized by athletes at the highest level of competition from the NFL, NBA and the US Olympic committee team.  Of course, chiropractic care can benefit athletes at any level and help them perform at their best.  Click here to find a doctor of chiropractic near you.


SOURCE: Chris Palmquist.  Meet Dr. Peter, Chiro to MMA’s stars (& little kids too).  March 19, 2013.–little-kids-too