NSAIDS Not That Effective for Spinal Pain

There is a lack of clear data on the effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for spinal pain.  A group of researchers in Australia performed a review of literature that compared NSAIDS with placebo for spinal pain.  After evaluating the data from 35 trials, they determined that NSAIDS did decrease pain and disability.  However, they noted the degree of difference “clinically unimportant effects over placebo”.   Additionally, “NSAIDs increased the risk of gastrointestinal reactions by 2.5 times”. 

 The lack of improvement over placebo combined with the risk of reactions suggest alternative pain methods should be used for spinal pain.  Chiropractic provides an effective method of treating not just the symptoms of spinal pain, but also the cause. By treating the cause, the patient may be able to not only relieve the pain today, but prevent it from returning.  Chiropractic has a safety record that few other treatments can offer.  (see more on the safety of chiropractic at https://www.tnchiro.com/news/chiropractic-has-unique-safety-record/).  If you are suffering from back pain, call your local chiropractor and get on the road to better health today.