Optum Findings Show Chiropractic is Cost-Effective

Watch this video to hear compelling data reinforcing why insurers and patients alike should utilize #chiropractic1st!  It takes only 5 minutes in a presentation given at a national conference on pain, for the speaker to validate the use of chiropractic care as an alternative to opioids for back pain.

The findings from Optum, the health services subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, presented at a National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Workshop in December 2018, prove conservative drug-free care approaches involving chiropractic care or physical therapy for low back pain, are often the least costly and more effective over the long term.

Noting their ambition is to drive up access to conservative providers by almost doubling the current rate, the speaker urgently states “the call to action for us is – no more research; no more data; just make this happen.”