What are the Risks of Chiropractic Neck Adjustments?

DC Cervical Adjustment position Lg fileWilliam J. Lauretti, D.C.

Dr. William Lauretti’s exploration of all current scientific literature regarding the safety of cervical manipulation is one of the most comprehensive articles available. We have provided the pdf download below.

Dr. Lauretti has also provided the reader with an anatomical illustration and discussion of the mechanics of chiropractic neck teatment. This visually documents the relative rare risk of this form of treatment .

This expose examines in detail the facts and fallacy regarding the relative risks of cervical manipulation and stroke versus other available medical treatments as well as activities of daily living. The reader will discover that risk of injury from cervical manipulation (chiropractic neck adjustments) is tremendously rare (1 in 2 million) as compared to the much higher risks of death from spinal surgery (7 in 10,000) and serious gastric bleeding from the use of NSAIDS (19 in 100).

Dr. Lauretti has suceeded in fully refuting the myths of the supposed danger of chiropractic neck treatment often propagated by the media. Please download this pdf for his thorough and systematic review of the scientific research on the safety of cervical adjustment.

  download (pdf format)