Make This Year’s Healthy Resolutions Last!

Many set the New Year as the beginning of a new effort in healthy living.  Gyms have an influx of new members, workout clothes fly off the shelves, and the best of intentions are in full swing.  Then as the days, weeks and months pass, the gyms become less crowded and those workout clothes are stuffed in a drawer to be forgotten.

Give yourself the gift of establishing a plan that will last longer than the fruitcake!  Make changes that will lead to a lifetime of healthy living – not just a few days or weeks.

Each individual will have a unique combination of current lifestyle, family history and personal goals.  It is vital to make a realistic assessment of your current health as well as your goals.  Then talk with your doctor of chiropractic about changes that will be most beneficial and realistic for YOU. 

The first step is to evaluate where you currently are.  What is your current health condition?  Do you need to lose weight?  Do you need to increase flexibility, strength or cardiovascular health?  What environmental do you live and work in?  What elements of that environment will be supportive of your goals and which ones may be an obstacle?  Consider home, work, and social settings.  And finally, how much are you really ready to do?

Change can be hard.  Are you truly motivated for a major change?  Or do you need to start with small steps and gain momentum before tackling a major change?  Your doctor of chiropractic will help you make this assessment.  Then you can discuss your thoughts and goals so they can offer additional guidance for your health and wellness needs.  From there, you can develop a realistic plan that will offer you the best chance of success.

When setting goals, don’t forget to include non-scale related victories.  Things like increased endurance (from walking to the mailbox to being able to walk a mile), clothes fitting different (remember as you lose fat and gain muscle, the total weight may be unchanged but you will see a decrease in body size), and general feeling of well-being are all benefits of healthy living.  If the number on the scales remains the same, but you are reaching milestones like these, give yourself a pat on the back.  Even the sheer victory of sticking to a plan for a set amount of time may be a major victory!

Reward yourself, but don’t sabotage your efforts by using junk food as a reward.  Use things that make you feel good, you enjoy and that help motivate you to continue your efforts.  Select things that motivate you: a new pair of running shoes, a manicure or a new outfit are a few ideas.  Rewards don’t have to be costly.  Visit a friend or loved one.  Take a walk in the park or go on that hike that you haven’t had the endurance for in the past.  Sometimes, seeing the new you in the mirror and feeling good is a reward in and of itself.

Get started on your new year of healthy living!  Click here to find a doctor of chiropractic near you.