Chiropractors Bring Awareness to Good Habits During 2018 Posture Month this May

During the month of May, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association (TCA) encourages you to make it your mission to improve your posture during Posture Month.  Proud to once again join with other organizations in promoting National Correct Posture Month, the TCA is helping to spread the word about good health through good posture this May.

“Posture can be shaped in positive and negative ways.  Chiropractic physicians are seeing more people coming to them for help who are suffering from the negative effects of poor posture,” TCA Executive Director Tiffany Stevens noted.  “It is a serious issue impacting public health and the chiropractic profession is dedicated to increasing awareness on the importance of correct posture for better overall health.”  

 Every day, mainstream media notes the importance of posture and its undeniable connection to good health.  According to Duke Orthopaedics, Duke University, more than 80% of neck and back problems are a result of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture.  

 In fact, posture related back problems are the #3 reason for all doctor visits and studies show dramatic health risks that can result from prolonged sitting, tech neck, and other posture pitfalls.  Research suggests the physical restriction of lungs and abdominal organs caused by loss of height caused a much higher risk of heart disease, stroke and respiratory mortality. In other words, allowing posture to worsen can shorten your life. 

 Poor posture at the workplace can also be a detriment to your health.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration warns that poor posture in the workplace may lead to pain and serious injury.  Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates, “Half of computer users have posture related back pain. Of those 67% report having neck and shoulder pain, 40% have low back pain and 29% report wrist pain.”

 You can find more articles with tips for improving posture on the TCA articles page.  Additional information is available at

 Chiropractic physicians help people of all ages and activity levels achieve healthy posture.  People who receive chiropractic care enjoy increased flexibility, improved posture, improved or eliminated pain, a more relaxed and calm state, and an enhanced energy level—in short, an improved overall quality of life. 

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