Chiropractic Therapy Assistant

101st General Assembly enacted legislation requiring that all chiropractic assistants performing therapy on patients be licensed and certified by the state.  June 26, 2000 was the effective date for implementation of the program.  Every C.A. who performs therapy must pass the state examination.

In an effort to benefit you and your doctor’s practice, we have created this program as a Distance Learning Program. This structured program has been designed to provide you with a more comfortable, less demanding way to acquire your hours.  It will prepare you for all the requirements of a Chiropractic Therapy Assistant.  Included in this program will be an eight-hour video series, text manual and practical workbook.  You will use the practical workbook as your guide to complete this program.  You will be required to notarize and present the original Affidavit of Completion form, located in the back of the workbook, as admittance to the state examination.  This form must be presented at the time of your exam. Along with the affidavit form, we have included a State Exam application for your convenience in registering for your exam.

For additional questions please contact the TCA office.

CTA 50 Hour Distance Learning Application

CTA Program Frequently Asked Questions

CTA Exam Application