Chiropractic helps pediatric patients “get moving”

Chronic constipation is not just an adult problem.  It affects many children as well.  It is the 2nd most referred problem to pediatric gastroenterologist.  But there is a drug free path to relief for these young patients – chiropractic.  

A scientific case series presentation describes chiropractic care for three pediatric patients, all under the age of two, with chronic constipation.  The patients had bowel movements that were limited to once a week up to every 3-4 days.  Under medical supervision, parents had initiated dietary changes and used cod liver oil, but neither treatment was successful.

Doctors initiated chiropractic care utilizing chiropractic adjustments and activator technique.  The patients began to improve immediately.  Within 3 weeks, one of the children was having bowel movements every 1-2 days.  And by 3 months, the other 2 children were having the same result.  In addition to increased frequency, parents described the movements as “soft without the accompanying straining, pain and rectal bleeding.”

With an abundance of anecdotal evidence already in place, this case series adds to the scientific evidence-based practice for chiropractic as a safe and effective treatment for pediatric constipation.  

Chiropractic, being a natural, gentle treatment, does not carry with it the risk of cramping or other discomfort sometimes associated with constipation remedies.  This is especially important with young children who cannot understand pain.  If your child is having trouble with constipation, talk to your chiropractor.  Relief for your little ones may be easier than you realized.

Source: The successful chiropractic care of pediatric patients with chronic constipation: A case series and selective review of the literature by Joel Alcantara, DC and Diane M. Mayer, DC

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